Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One lousy swim and two great runs!

Since I am only doing the swim and the run on the race day, I am only concentrating on those two. Caught between my enthusiasm for Tri-ing and a lot of anxiety about my swimming capabilities, I sometimes forget that I am subjecting my body to ANY kind of workout after a long-long time (read: after more than one year). As a result, I am really fatigued the day after a long swim or when I work out everyday for 3 consecutive days. Sometimes I listen to my body and postpone the workout to the next day (as on Thu of last week) and at other times a mixture of enthusiasm and anxiety get the better of me (which is what happenned at the beginning of this week.) Anyhow, here's my training log for past 10 days or so.

Mon, June2nd: Swam in my apartment pool. Some kicking some swimming. Spent around 40 minutes there. But forgot to bring my kickboard back and never found it again :(

Tues, June 3rd: Did some elliptical and weights in the gym. Felt Great.

Wed, June 4th: Swam with the tri-oomph gang at Stacy pool. 5 laps in 33m Stacy Pool. Was initially scared of the deep but it slowly subsided. Sha also gave me a basic lesson on treading water.

Thu, June 5th: Was feeling very tired . Anyway got changed to go out for a run. But listened to my body and didn't go eventually. GOOD DECISION. Decided to run the next day.

Fri, June 6th: I ran for 35 minutes on a treadmill (sucks to run in a cage... but it is so hot outside) followed by some strength training. Was happy with how I felt at the end.

Sat, June 7th: Was out all day with friends, so the planned swim didn't happen.

Sun, June 8th: I headed out for a swim and did 16 laps in my apartment (~20m) pool with some breaks but I was really happy because I seemed to be building stamina in water. Felt wonderfully sore that night and next morning.

Mon, June 9th: Went to Lane Four and Academy. Got myself a pull buoy and shiny new PINK "Dora, the Explorer" kick board :). Even though my body felt tired from monday's swim, I thought I should stick to schedule and must go to Stacy Pool. BIG MISTAKE. I was tired, shoulders hurt and couldn't even do 6 proper laps. Should have run instead :( Seemed like I wasted a workout. I did some kicking though. Tried using the pull buoy to practice rotation of the upper body but somehow couldn't get the hang of it, my lower body kept swaying from side to side (any suggestions gals?)

Tues, June 10th: Did a great and fast(er) run on the treadmill followed by some weight training. Somehow my legs just wanted to go on and on. Wish my heart could keep up with the pumping :) But it was a great 2.5 mile run, albeit on the treadmill.

Lessons learned:
Listen to your body!
Alternate day Swim and Run workouts seem to work for me.
Swimming and Weight training are keeping my foot problem from flaring up. This is the part I am most thankful for right now. The fact that I am able to run without any foot issues is a big step. I am enjoying my short runs so very much :)


The Steph said...

Re: The Pull Buoy

You mentioned swaying back and forth...that's exactly what it's supposed to do! It forces you to rotate your entire body, side to side, with each stroke. Visualize this: when your body is neutral in the water, your shoulders are parallel to the surface of the water. With each stroke, your shoulders, hips, etc. should roll from side to side in the direction of the arm that's pulling at that time. I know it feels strange, but try the pull buoy again without 'fighting' it...let yourself rotate with each stroke. You'll find it's easier to get into position to breathe and you use less energy keeping your shoulders parallel to the surface. I will show you what I mean next time we're at the pool together.

BTW, Steph & I will be at Stacy tonight at 5:30pm!

The Steph said...
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Itisha said...

Thanks about that tip Steph. Can't come to Stacy today. I'll try the pull buoy tomorrow and talk to you about it when we meet next.