Thursday, June 5, 2008

Confessions of a different kind of slacker!

Yes! I have been a slacker too. But as the subject says - of a different kind. I actually have been pretty good with my training. I have been consistently making it to 2 spinning classes per week at the South Austin 24 h fitness(which are killllerss, btw) AND I have been swimming once a week at the 24 h pool for the last 3 weeks! So why am I slacker?? Cause I have been too lazy to post on this wonderful blog about and share my experiences with you guys! I guess I was waiting for my darling Cha to return from Singapore and give me that nudge! Yeah ... I am a nudge kind of person and she knows it. :D

Anyway, my first week swimming - I did 32 laps of the 25m pool at 24h fitness with a lot of breathers, which I still thought was amazing! Cause I hadn't swam for years and am definitely not excellent in my technique. In week 2 and 3, I impressed myself even more - I did 50 laps!!! And this time the breathers were barely there. I just swam and swam and didn't feel it till I got out of the pool and had to take my first step on land! Ouch!

Of course my main goal, like all of you, is to complete this triathlon strong. But I have a side goal which I hope to accomplish along with this one - to lose some body fat, get leaner, get healthier!! :D My Bday is on the 1st of August - 4 days after our triathlon! I know I will be 10 shades darker, but to make up for it, I hope I'll be at least a size smaller! I am pretty sure those unforgiving tri suits will keep me motivated! :D

Keep training ... keep smiling! :-)

Love G3


Charanya said...

Yay!! Atta girl!!

And haha..I was just telling V yesterday that if not anything, getting into those darn trisuits are a great motivation to lose weight and become fit! :p

Sharanya said...

Hurrah! G3 has blogged! :) Congrats on keeping to your schedule, and being disciplined. Ur fitness level sounds pretty solid.

Itisha said...
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Itisha said...

Great to see new posts on the blog. But 50 LAPS!! You guys are scaring me already :). I could barely to 10 lengths in 33m pool the other day (that too with a LOT of breathers :O ). But great going guys!! This tri training is so much more fun than the marathon training!!