Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Confessions of a slacker

So, I haven't trained. At all. Not even kept up with doing brisk walks regularly. A brief glance at the countdown counter (on the right. your right) made me sit up and take notice of how I had really slacked off on training. Last week, some of us Tri-oomphers got together at Mozart's and charted out what we wanted to do. We were charged and enthused. Then, Memorial Day Weekend came along, and swept my attention away.

One of the challenges has been nursing my back to recovery. It had become such a preoccupation that I was afraid to do anything (on reflection, maybe I used it as an excuse to do nothing). Arv encouraged me to keep up with my walking, but I've been weasling my way out of any exercise of late. And in truth, my back condition won't let me bike yet, so that's an easy door to shut on bike-training. All in all, I've had a surprising lack of motivation.

But enough whining. Got a schedule going, and I'm starting my swim training. Albeit, tommorrow. :)

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Charanya said...

Shal!! Wanna come jog/walk with me at TL today before the Asha mtg??