Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back on Track!!

So like Sha, I've been completely slacking off these last few weeks with respect to Tri Training - not to mention was on a fabulous vacation in my home away from home Singapore - where I was piling on the lbs eating the most yummy food ever to found!!

I came back to Austin on Monday night and one of the first emails I found on Tues morning was the training chedule that Sha had sent for the month of me weird...but I am a sucker for schedules and timetables!! :p So right on schedule, I went to a swim session last night at the 24 hour pool!! Sha and Steph were gonna meet later in the evening for a swim session, and I would have ideally loved to join them!! But since I had a previous engagement, I went to 24 hours much earlier!

Swimming is one of those activites that u r always lazy to do...but once you're in the water, you just cannot stop!! Not having swam (swum? swimmed? :p) for close to 6 months, I was able to do about 50 laps in the 25 yard pool - a mixture of freestyle and breastroke - pretty enthusiastically...but it was not until I went home showered went for dinner and returned though, that the soreness in my arm started kicking in! And my arms and shoulder blades have been hurting all night!! Guess I really did overdo it....should have taken it nice and easy, especially since I was entering the pool after a long long time!

Regardless of that, I am glad than I am back doing Tri training - it feels good to stop slacking and becoming more active!! I will be running at Town Lake around 6:30-7pm today - will probably do the 3 mile loop! If any of you girls are interested in joining, do ping me!!



Sharanya said...

If u can run at TL from 7-7.30pm, I'll join u. Traffic on Mo-pac sucks during rush hour.

Charanya said...

Traffic is not too bad after 6:30 or so!! But 7 works too!! Wanna just ride together??

G3 said...

I loveee when the arms and back hurts after swimming coz I feel with all the other activities like biking, running, we never really work out those parts!

Charanya said...

You're right!! Swimming's such a total body workout!! It's awesome!!