Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eight Days of Foggy Workout Memories

June 3: Steph II and I went for what was her first run in years. We did the 1st Street-Pedestrian Bridge Loop (1.5 mi). She did a great job, even sprinting half of the bridge just because I told her she had to. :-) We stretched and cooled down afterwards. My knee was a bit sore - I left my good shoes at work and had to run in old, blown out shoes.

Rule #1: Keep your gear in order.

June 4: Sharanya, Itisha, Steph II and I met up to swim at Stacy Pool. As you can tell from Sha's previous post, it was utter chaos. We all managed to get a decent swim in, though not without being grossed out a bit. I don't know exact distances, but hey, we made it in the pool!

Rule #2: Tinted goggles make it easier to ignore what's lurking on the bottom of the pool.

June 7: My boyfriend was kind enough to ride the Veloway with me, being so kind as to wait until halfway through the last lap before he took off an left me in the dust. He is a much faster cyclist, with a combination of natural ability and much nicer bike than my peugeot. We did 4 laps (12.4 miles) at a 15.3 mph pace. Not so bad for my first time on the bike in 2 months! We saw so much lovely wildlife while riding and it even sprinkled on us. It was a nice ride.

Rule #3: Ride the Veloway early to see bunnies and raccoons.

June 9: I made plans to swim with Steph II at Stacy, but a bit of personal drama left me apologizing for not being able to join her in the water. After spending a little while at home collecting myself, I received a text from Steph saying that she "Swam 5 laps without stopping!" So, I raced out of the house and down to the pool to get in what swimming I could in the last 15 minutes of pool hours. Itisha was finishing up her laps when I arrived and we chatted briefly before I began my maniacal 15 minutes of swimming. I swam 5 freestyle laps in under 7 minutes. It was awesome! I did a few more laps of drills until the whistle blew. I'm so glad that I went!

Rule #4: Sometimes the perspective you're looking for is just below the surface of the water.

Today calls for a swim AND a run. Oy.

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