Monday, June 9, 2008

Biking and Blogging : Round One

See myself in a greater need for motivation to blog compared to the motivation levels Icurrently have for biking ;)

Was in Cary,NC last Saturday...
Inspite of the 96F+ and super-humid morning, Bhaskar and I got out on 8 mile
biking session , starting at the bottom of the hill at W Dynasty Dr near West Dynasty
Drive (
and all the way into William Umstead Satead State Park.

Was great for the most part except at one point down a downhill....poor Bhaskar waited for atleast 25 mins at the bottom of the downhill, just beause I was scared to let my brakes lose to come/ride down the downhill...well, I am all set to teach Biking down a downhill 101.

Hoping to get better soon at everything.......blogging, biking downhill and changing gears.....

(Feeling a sense of accomplishment on completion of my first ever blogging experience)


Itisha said...

Yay Savi!! A post from you partner :)

Sharanya said...

Yaay Savi! Good to see ur post! Downhills scare me too. It's hard to let go and enjoy the ride.. I guess it comes with practice.