Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Kinds of Riders . . .

Hello girls!!!!

I am so so excited to be doing this with all of you!! I'm not a complete newbie to the Tri-world...but I still have lots and lots to learn and who better to do this all than with a bunch of similarly-motivated girls!! :) I trained last season with Rogue's Iron Chicks! It's a great program by the way and you should definitely consider doing it sometime if you haven't already before! It's a little too late right now to join but I think their Iron Chicks 2 might be coming up later in the summer - this is the training program that Sha went through last season as well!! I was bummed out earlier this year because I couldn't join Iron Chicks again this year due of my totally unpredictable work schedule - I would have had to keep skipping sessions which would have sucked - BUT this is equally good - and maybe even better!!

A couple of you girls have been expressing concerns over biking and falling off the bike - and this reminded me of something my Iron Chicks Coach Michael told us during the program last year! His first ever mentor had passed on this wisdom to him and now....I pass it on to you girls!!

"There are 2 kinds of bike riders - those who have fallen and those who will."

This might not be the most comforting thing for you girls to hear - but it is kind of the truth!! (Ask Sha - she has tales to tell!! :) ) I have personally fallen a few times as well - it's not fun (sometims funny though - for your riding companions! :) ) but it's not that big of a deal either...remember how as kids you would just run around like mad, fall, get hurt, cry for a bit, and then get up and start running all over again just cos it's too darn fun?? That's exactly how falling off the bike would be during your Tri training!! You might fall..but you will laugh it off and move on...Cos overall - the whole training experience is just too darn fun - for something like falling off a bike to ruin it!!

So......fear not...and always remember, there are 9 other girls in this group that you can turn to for anything at all!! :)

Happy Swimming!! Happy Biking!! Happy Running!!



Sharanya said...

Ya, boy! Tell me about it. I basically started from scratch on the bike. Downhills & riding in traffic were my biggest challenges. Mental preparation & visualization really helps. Then just suck-it-in and do it with a smile. :)

G3 said...

I slip and trip when I walk on a flat ground ... so if you ever fall during this training .. you can trust me to be there to give you company! :)