Wednesday, May 7, 2008

10 tri-bies, 1 mission: The Rogue Women's Tri

A Big Welcome to all tri-gals! I'm really excited we've started this group!

It started out with Cha & I discussing how cool it would be to do a tri together. Last season, we tri-ed separately - after the Rookie Tri in 2006, she did Danskin (her first sprint distance Tri) & Couples' Triathlon and I did Rogue Women's Tri (my first tri EVER), Dilloman & Longhorn Triathlon. It was an amazing experience for me, and I was almost evangelical in recommending tri-ing. I couldn't wait for Season 2!

This season, we promised each other to pick a tri together. We each thought we'd bring in a new person to tri, and before long, we became a group of 10 women! The enthusiasm was infectious! :)

I'm really looking forward to training in a group, being amidst friends. I went thru some tough experiences & equally rewarding ones last season with the help of my tri-buddy, Steph, and with encouragement from Cha.

Training in this new group is going to be uber cool because of the variety of people who are part of it. My goal is to simply have fun at the Tri and hopefully, better my time from last season.

My back injury concerns me though. It has put me out since February, and I still haven't been able to train on the bike. My short-term goal is to focus on recovery. I'll focus on swimming & running this month.

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