Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cha's tips for training in May

From Charanya's email:

What I would encourage doing for the month of May:

1. Get short runs in whenever you can: 1-2 miles. Our end goal is 2

2. For those who know how to swim - find a pool and start swimming ~
anything will be good. Our end goal is 300m, but we want to start just
getting back into the pool first!

3. For those who have bikes - try to get some bike time in on your own.
Our end goal is 12 miles.

4. For those who DON'T have bikes, if you have access to a gym, get on
that spin bike and start getting used to how it feels, and start
building some endurance. Meanwhile, you will need to start bike-hunting.
The group can probably help each other out for this. I would suggest
either borrowing from someone OR start looking on craigslist/bike stores
for good deals depending on if you want a used or a new bike. For those
who are clueless, it might be good to just walk into a bike store and
try to find out what size you should be looking out for! We could
probably go together as a group to do this for those who need help!

Which of you girls fall into this category? I am personally going to be
buying a new bike, and loaning mine to G3, so if anyone wants to go
bike-hunting with me, let me know! I won't be going till June though
after I get back from vacation!

5. For those who DON'T know how to swim too well, this is the tricky
one! I'm not knowledgeable about swimming enough to "train" or "correct"
someone, but I can accompany for swim sessions if needed. Any of the
other gals who have TRI-ed before have any suggestions??

In June, we can probably start meeting as a group to go for runs
together, bike rides together, do brick sessions (bike+run after) etc.
In May, we can probably buddy up with each other as needed.

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The Steph said...

On the newbie swimmer topic - I highly recommend the City of Austin Aquatics swim classes. They're cheap and very beneficial!

In the "Category" menu, select "Aquatics". For "Location", pick the pool closest to you. You may have to go to the last page of listings to find the "Adult" swim courses.

Seriously, best deal for the money. I did the Fitness Swimmer class last year to kick off tri training. If anyone is interested, I might do the 6/9 one at Deep Eddy again. :-)